It's natural; we do it without even thinking, but our breathe is the most important element of our yoga practice. It connects the mind with the body. By focusing on our breathe, we can become more aware of our body and of the sensations we feel with each movement.


Our bodies work for us everyday. They truly are amazing machines that allow us to carry out our daily tasks. This constant wear & tear isn't always easy on our bodies; it can leave them feeling strained and out of balance. The asanas, or poses, of yoga are meant to realign the body and bring us back to a natural, balanced state.


​While practicing yoga (on mats or boards), what we seek is detachment from the external world and connection to our innermost beings. Building this connection within ourselves takes time, it's not immediate. Once found, it's a feeling of comfort and lightness, as if floating on your own personal sea of joy :)      


Float On Yoga